1. The volunteer Editorial Board will provide input, oversight, contacts and moral support, and establish the journal’s first Board of Directors.
  2. The Journal’s Editorial Board will consist of highly skilled, committed professionals in Canada and internationally. It will represent the Journal’s various constituencies: readers, researchers, physicians, policy makers and patients, using their skills to achieve the Journal objectives. The Journal's Editorial Board will include a maximum of 30 members.
  3. By agreeing to sit on the Board, Editorial Board members will assist the Editor-in-Chief(s) of the Journal to review, solicit and submit relevant papers for the Journal and support Journal efforts to secure ongoing funding.
  4. The Editorial Board will support the Editor-in-Chief(s) to maintain Journal principles underlying the editorial integrity and independence of the Journal example supporting editorial independence, Journal advertising policies and the open access platform.
  5. The Editorial Board will meet once per year to receive a report on Journal progress from the Editor-in-Chief(s) and to review a report on the performance of the Editor-in-Chief from the Chair of the Board of Directors.
  6. Initial membership of the Editorial Board will initially be determined by the ‘Friends of the Journal’ group who came forward to work to create the Journal.
  7. Ongoing membership of the Editorial Board will be determined by the Editor-in-Chief(s) in conjunction with the existing Editorial Board. A new member can be nominated by 2 editors and/or board members, and is approved by a two-third vote of existing editorial board members. Members will serve for a staggered period of 3 years, renewable once.

Letter from Founder

As the Founder of the Biology of Exercise, I am pleased to let you know that the international scientific community has responded positively to the first volumes of our journal. The target of the Editorial Board is for JΒΕ to gain worldwide respect and establish a strong reputation in the Sport Science international community. In order to do so, we target at increasing the number of submitting manuscripts and expand our circulation in as many countries as possible.


Cyprus Musculoskeletal and Sports Trauma Research Centre (CYMUSTREC)

European University of Cyprus, School of Sciences, Department of Health Sciences, [a] 6, Diogenes Str. Engomi, P.O.Box 22006, 1516, Nicosia, Cyprus

[t] +35722713044 [f] +35722713013.

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

General info

The manuscripts should be submitted electronically using the Article submission form which will be accessible after registration and logging on with your JΒΕ username and password. Registrations are open and activated automatically.


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